Tuesday, 24 September 2013


          Peace be upon you. Aloha!! Whassup my reader?? Hope all of you in the pink of healthJ. Today is the end of my essay. A very best feel because the war have been meet the end. Congrats!.. The tittle is the review of subject in this semester .
            In this semester, the entire subject that I take just a snap if I have the hardworking attitude to make it as easy as a pie. Seven subject that I must work hard for. The subject has been told by me in my first entry which is the tittle is subject in this semester. So, this essay is review about the entire subject that has been explaining.
              First of all, my review about the English for academic purposes, teach by Mr.Izuan bin Ismail. He is so punctual in his teaching and his explanations are very smooth and clear. From that, I am able to understand it easily without any questionnaire that been playing in my mind. Now, I already understand fully how to make the term paper especially the guide to make the paraphrases that make me a little bit difficult to finish it successfully without any correction. But, with the difficulty, I learn that the success is not easily to achieve if no hard wok out from our self. So, to make it as simple as a piece of cake, I will appreciate all the words that have been told from my lecturer and I will take his words as my guide to be the best among the best in my final examination. Sir, thank you so much!!!
                Then, we move to my next subject which is principles and practices in transport. This subject is really relevant. This is because it is related with my course. The lecturer that teach me for this subject is Sir Ramzi bin Mohd Nor. Honestly, I can describe him as a very knowledgeable person because he know all about the transport issues and his intelligent make me more interest to know about this subject further. From my view, this subject is easily understood. This is because it is learning about our necessary that happen in our world nowadays. For example, necessary to have own car and its effect. Thus, I also enjoyed learn this subject with my lecturer. To appreciate it, I will work hard to make an A on a final. InsyaAllah, A in this subject will be mine.
                Next, Fundamental of Islamic economic. The lecturer that has been teaching me for this subject in this semester is Siti Aishah binti Sokhibul Fadil. She is very good in her teaching and performance. She can make others interested to learn this subject. This is because she can explain further about the misunderstanding very clear. From that, I am able to understand every words that out from her intelligent mouth. This subject also answers my entire question about the Islamic economic that involves the property distribution. I hope in this semester, the result of my fundamental of Islamic will be the same as in the past semester.
                For macroeconomics, the review of this subject makes me very excited to tell about it. This subject is hard to understand, but when someone has achieves the understanding of this subject, it can make you really enjoyed to learn more about it. So do I. Pn. Diana’ binti Mazan, the lecturer for my macroeconomics subject. She is very good in her performance. I realize that this subject is focus more on the government sector. I can conclude that this subject is quiet interesting because all its content most of it about money. As we all know, when the words money is been quote, all people feel greedy and really want to have it more and more. That is why this subject make me interest to know more about it. This is because, I have felt the same. Hehe. Feel good.
                For my next subject is business communication. Oh, I feel I am lost about this subject. I know only a little bit about it. But, with my feeling to know more about it and to past this subject in my final examination, I make the self-study. Now, I have understood it successfully and enjoyed to understand it clearly. Miss Fazlin Natasya binti Abdul Halim is my lecturer for this subject. In this subject, I have been told about how to set up a meeting and the preparation for job interview. This has been done by me successfully in this semester. I hope from the learning, I can apply it to have a good job for my future. Thus, for my final, I will drop of all the knowledge that I get from this subject to make it an ace. Good luck! Cheers!
                Then, I want to talk about the Introduction of Statistic subject. This subject required many exercise and revision to make it friendly with you. This is because, this subject can be the best killer to those who do not have any hard work in itself. I have been experience it very well. Thus, I can handle this subject without any stress and tension to understand it. This is because, most of the chapter in this subject, I can understand it easily. But, the calculation mistake is very close to me. As we all know, all people not perfect. In their life, the mistake cannot be prevented by anyone. It must be make at least once. So do I. To prevent it, I must be careful when press the number on the calculator. For my advice to myself, do not easily give up because all things are difficult before they are easy and keep maintain in your performance. I hope with my knowledge and the advice that I get from Puan Norani binti Amit who is my lecturer for this subject, I can make it much better.
                Lastly, the co-curriculum subject that I must be attends for to fulfil my credit hours in this semester. The co-curriculum that I choose from my first semester until this semester is Brass band. This subject is really different from other subject because the learning and teaching required many types of instruments. Now, I have success to learn many songs from my lecturer who is Sir Hamid. He is also talented in the music field. I have experience many difficulty to learn about music. The section that I preferred for is wood wing. My instrument is clarinet. This instruments required many exercise to be good when played it. So, now I know how to play it. I have been in the event and perform very well in front of all my audience. I am very proud of it and thanks for my clarinet because accepted me to be interest with it and also for my lecturer for make me one of your follower in this field.
That is all about the review of subject in this semester. Believe it or not, I have been finished my entire essay in this semester. Feel very good!! J . Bye. See you next semester. Thank you for be my readers.

10 facts about me

10 Facts about me

Hi, we meet again for my next post. Now, I want to share a little bit secret about me, specifically ten facts about me that some people realise and some not.
           Firstly, hardworking. This is the fact that I do not realise overall. My parent always compare me with others sibling. This comparing make me not comfortable because make others keep jealous with my parents words. Ehm..Sometimes, I feel like I am the best among the best. Furthermore, I really want to be the best daughter to both my parents. In addition, people around me like my uncle and auntie like to give me many work when I go to their home and this make me realise that I can do a bang up job very well. But, I also feel tired when to more work hand up to me individually. At home, I really like stay long in the kitchen because I really like to wash the dirty glass and plate with ‘AXION’ soap, hehe. I like to wash with more soap because the bubble make me very excited and I also enjoyed washing it. It is the best moment when I back home. Miss the glass and plate very much and my parents too. L
         Secondly,like to drink milk,‘Dutch Lady’ which is the brand name of milk that is very famous nowadays. It is making in many kinds of flavour such as chocolate, strawberry and honey. But, I would prefer to have the milk that adds with honey from the same brand. I very like it since me in 3 years old until now. This is because when I make it as my favourite, I can feel very relax and out of stress after I drink it. Besides, it is very help me to keep maintain my healthier. But, some people around me who is do not like it feel wonder when I drink milk after I finish my lunch or breakfast because they can feel how it taste when they drink the milk. It is compulsory to me to drink it even one times in a day. If not, I feel like my day is not complete. That is how I roll. In other words, if my parent is my first sweetheart, then the second is my favourite milk that is ‘Dutch Lady’J.
         The third facts is I very like play with kids.When I see them, I feel my heart is cure. This is because kids make me happy and excited to know them. Kids are also giving people happy with their attitude that make other care for them. But, why nowadays some people do not realise that the abuse are the worst crime that they like to do. I do not really know what kind of heart that they have. When someone who has the kids sit in front of me, without any suspicious and shy, I will go close to the kids and pinch his or her gloomy and natural cheeks. That is how  much I really like them.
         Fourth, like to give help.The best moment that I have is the part when I help people to solve their problem. I feel I have done some kind of help that the people can smile again. Besides, I have a dream to help people that outside from my country that is in trouble. I have a lot of dream that have been achieved, but the dream that to help the people that suffer from many problem is not been achieved yet. Thus, I hope when I have a good position in my carrier, first thing I want to do is I want to help them until they can get the best position in their life same with others. Wait and see. Insya Allah, with my hard work and not easily to give up, I will grab the dream easily.
         For your information,before I continue my study in UITM Segamat, I was the student at MRSM Kuala Terengganu. I am the best athlete of hockey and volleyball also. When I start studied at UITM Segamat, the hockey sticks and volleyball have gone in my mind. This is because I feel tired to start it again and sometimes I really regret to end it. But, independently, I do not have any interest to make it start again. Hope people who read this, do not follow my step. As for your information, my last performance is the volleyball sports. The achievement that I grab from the game is really satisfied. From this achievement, I got many advantages and experience. So, I will keep it as a best moment in my life.
         The next fact is I am the hard core fans of the horror movie. Horror movie nowadays has been popular. This is because some people keep challenging themselves to watch the movies. So do I.  However, the most prominent weakness when I watch a horror movie is I can not watch the movie alone. Love, but a coward. Besides, I often watch horror movie with my younger sister. I will always tell her if any news of horror movie.  At home, my younger sister and I always going to bed late. This is because, we will be able to wait until midnight to watch the horror movie which is to be played on television. That is how much I like the film.
         Next, I am gregarious.Gregarious means like to make friends with everyone. This is because a friend means everything to me. Thus, friend is easily to find, but truly friend only one in all. I can be friends with all but I cannot accept gregarious if they betrayed me so much. For example they act kind in front of me, so nice when they try to make my heart feel happy but they also do not like me so much. Honestly, I do not like this kind of person. Besides, I do not take it as easy as a pie if they make me feel curious with them because their attitude can make me sit in the worse condition and make me feel uncomfortable with them. As for me, I will help them until I not have any energy to make them happy with me. Whatever they do to me, they are still my friends. Thank you to those who still stay beside me. Feel sadL.
         I am also like to play games. I mean the game is a game that is loaded in the phone and also online game. For example, Candy Crush Saga, Blendoku, CSR Racing and others. These games make me feel out of my entire problem. Oh, it is also make me forget it all. If the games are being played by me, I cannot stop it until I feel fed up with them. This situation makes me feel down to play the game again. Then, I will finish it with another interesting game. Other reason is I will play them when I finish all my work. That is all about me and my lovely games. 
         Readers, I am like to eat too. Rice, the most popular food that I like most. This is because it is the most important food that I must eat to survive. Without eat it once in a day, I feel worst and begging to have it because it is the food that I must put it in my stomach. The worse thing that I cannot do without it eat first is when I want to start my study. if I not take it as usual, I will suffer to start my study. I cannot make my study in the best situation. That is how much I like it. As usual when it eat, we must have many additional food to make it more favourable. For me, I most preferred it eat with chicken and some vegetables. That is my view. How about you?.
         Last but not least, the fact that I am most realise is I am very like to waste my money. This is because, when I go to supermarket or any shopping complex, it is wonder if I not buy anything from there. Before I exit from the place, I will have many request to have many things at the place. If there any solutions to prevent it, I will follow the instruction. My mother always give advice that do not waste the money easily even it easily to get. Now, from day to day, I have been use the money when necessary only. Hope this changing will make me feel more happy until the end.
Thank you :)


Sunday, 22 September 2013

           When one goes away from home, he or she would miss her or his family very much. Not until I left home for UITM Segamat to learn, did I felt that completely. That might be the reason why my younger sister as I do now. Every time and everywhere, I tell my friends, such as my classmates, roommates, and so on, about her. Someone says that I’m so emotional and it’s not necessary to be so exaggerated. In fact, it’s really of my pride.

          Nurul batrisha Husna, my nine-year-old sister, is lovable and intelligent. She is rather thin with a fair complexion. Her eyes are brilliant black, big and round, winkling with brightness. Whenever she discovers something new, those eyes open wide, attention ally. How sweet! Particularly, she has so black and smooth hair, neither thick nor thin. It was formerly long and I love it. Unfortunately, I hadn’t told her when she had it cut. Then, it’s rather short but beautiful still. I have always liked to play with her hair. As I am free, I usually comb it, make it braid or ponytail, different kinds… We love that moment a lot because at that time we laugh with each other the most. I really love Husna, but it’s inexplicable why I can’t talk softly with her. Nevertheless, the interesting thing is that it doesn’t make us separated. Husna seems to love this. While she knows that I sometimes lose my temper easily, she seems to trick me intentionally so that I can’t help raising my voice. After such a time, remembering about it, I feel it funny, actually.

          Adding to that, she is a girl of action. There is nothing that she doesn’t want to take part in. Now and again, she ticks people around off, including me by getting in their way. However, it can’t be denied that she is clever, active, and creative. One more thing, she is a bit lazy, yet she is so clever in her words that no one angry with her long. She has such a good memory, loves discovering… and on and off has cute ideas. I admire her for all of those. I consider she is so great at her age. Honestly, there is no idle boast. Merely do you meet her, you’ll discover the same.

         Now, I’m learning far away from home, she deeply misses me time to time. She often called to talk with me, longing for my return although I hardly indulge her. Once before I go back to the university, she gave me a piece of paper in which she had drawn a colourful picture. I also saw a scrawling line of handwriting read “my sister and me” and I was moved to tears. Each time I reread it I can’t help raising my emotion. What a wonderful sister! I’d like to say loud: “I love you, too, dear!” However, I scarcely show my feeling in such a way.

          Consequently, up to now I haven’t told her that. In fact, I really love her! (Full of love)

Friday, 20 September 2013



        The best moment is celebrating the Eid ul – Fitr. Besides, it is the largest number of public holidays in a calendar year. One of the upcoming celebrations is Hari Raya Aidil Fitri (Puasa) or Eid ul-Fitr   Hari Raya Puasa will be celebrated by the muslims after one month of fasting. Me and family as a muslims, Hari Raya Puasa is a special fasting on the month from foods and drinks from Subuh until Maghrib . This festival will be celebrate for month either.In Malaysia, we can see the muslims early prepared for the becoming special day. They decorate their house, buying new clothes and making many types of food and cookies for the special day.

       It is very much commercialized in Malaysia. The big promotion will be all over the shopping malls and supermarkets. The Muslims will buy new clothes and supplies. This is the best part where last time I will go to the ‘Jalan Tar' with my father to buy some new clothes and it is the time where I can choose ‘Baju KURUNG’ for my ‘Hari Raya’ day. Everything will be new.The ‘Hari Raya’ songs will be played in the radio and the television.

          The town people traditionally return to their hometown to celebrate Eid ul-Fitr with their family and friends. The roads will full of cars all over the way to north, south and east. The traffic will be bad especially two days before Eid ul –Fitr. The bad things are there will be a lot of accident during the traffic. Road safety campaigns are often launched by the government ahead of the festivals in effort of lowering the discomforting numbers of accident.On the eve of the celebration, family members especially mother and housewife will be busy preparing food, cakes, ketupat, lemang and a various delicious to be served on the day of   Eid ul-Fitr. The favourite meal in my village is lemang, ketupat and rendang. It is compulsory to be served on that day. If the women will busy at the kitchen,the men will busy clearing the house compound, wash the windows and even paint the walls.

            At night, I will lit up the oil lamp all over the house.On the early morning of Eid ul –Fitr, I will wake up early, pray the Subuh prayer then help my mother preparing the breakfast. That is the first day Muslims will take the breakfast after fasting for a month. After that, I will put my new ‘Baju KURUNG’ and go to the mosque for Eid ul-Fitr prayer. Before we do the prayer, all the Muslims will recite ‘takbir’. Once the prayer is done, it is also common for Muslimins Malaysia to visit the grave of their loved one. I used to visit my grandmother’s grave during this time with my family. 
           Then, Hari Raya Aidilfitri will be more interesting when  the young ones asking for forgiveness from their elders is very essential. On the day, they also visit their relatives and friends to celebrate the happy occasion. If you visit Muslims' homes on Hari Raya Puasa you can expect to taste a wide variety of delicious spicy dishes. Some favorite dishes that can be found in Muslims homes on this special occasion are ketupat, lontong, nasi padang and beef rendang. The Muslims also have the habit of giving packets of money to kids when they go visiting. Overall, Hari Raya Puasa is a delightful festival for the Muslims.
Thank you.



Monday, 16 September 2013

My classmates

This is my third essays, which is about my classmates. Since I was study here, I have 19 classmates, which are stand for 9 girls and 10 boys. Now, I want to introduce them to my readers.
Her name is Nur Asyiqin binti Abdullah. Everyone called her ‘Ekin’ but habitually she called herself as ‘Aqin’. Besides that, Ekin is my best partner since I was in semester one. She lives at Marang, Terengganu that is similar state with me. As her best friend, I also recognize her improved than others. Usually, she loves to give me a help and also like to create jokes. She is also very good at something. Chow down is her well-known appearances since I being partner with her. Without eat, she cannot do anything. If you want to recognize well about her, be friends with her.

‘Dayah’ as her nickname since I be friends with her. Her complete name is Nurul Hidayah binti Johari. Now, she lives at Rawang, Selangor. Her interest is like to watch television means she is a couch potato person. In our classroom, when she introduces herself in front of her classmates, she always expresses to everyone that she want to be a successful entrepreneur. With her individual characteristic, specifically soft and moderate person, I hope one day she can approve to everyone that she can be what she wants to be. The most things that I very like to be friends with her are she is very dedicated in her work usually to finish an assignment. When she has that approach, her challenging work becomes very relaxed as a piece of cake. That is all about Dayah.
Blabbermouth or talkative person is the one characteristic that is appear from this person, which is make my friends and me interest to know more about her. Furthermore, in my class, she is well-known as the king of laugh. This is because she likes to dialogue and laugh piercingly without anymore doubtful. It is does not make any effect because to her that is normal. In my view, her face is like teddy bear with her good smile and gorgeous cheek. Moreover, in other background, for me, she is very nice and kind-hearted person that come from Puchong, Selangor. This is because, when she talks, she did not say unkind about something, furthermore Nadia is really cheeriest person that I even met. I hopefulness with her attitude, she can be a respectable talkative person one day.
Fatin Aqila binti Wahid is my classmate that comes from Muar, Johor. In my judgement, she is a fluent person and she can do very well at something. With her life’s inspiration which is she believes herself and not ever easily gives up because she always trusts that God is always with her. Besides that, everyone usually called her ‘Fatin’. Fatin can be out of tolerance when she not in a good mood. So, my advice, do not interrupt her if her expression look likes prepared to battle. But, in other background, she is very nice person that can be friends with everybody. This is because comfortable with everyone is her outlooks that she can be well-being and accept who want to be partners with her. That is a little top-secret about Fatin that I found from time to time.
Nor lela binti Mat Akhir or ‘Lela’is my classmates from Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. She said that make what has happen yesterday as our spirit to move forward and motivate our self. Her ambition is want to be an entrepreneur. Although, with her attitude, I can approve that she can grab her dreams successfully. I can surety that can be happen because she is very dedicated wit her studies. Besides that, she can finish her homework on the dot. Since I know her until today, the most cleared attitude that present by her is she is a soft spoken person. She really care on her words on what she is talk about. When she make a dialogue to ask something, she will talk clearly and spontaneously with her good words and make other feel better to talk with her. If you want to know how better she is, try to be friends with her.
Among my classmates, she is the most small person and really cute with her spectacles. With her spectacles, she looks very intelligent and smart girls. I am really sure that when she going out and met unknown person, their perceptions to Iza is among 10 to 12 years old because she likes very young with her baby face. How wonderful of you Iza. Everybody in my calls called her as‘ Iza’. Besides that, she is come from Puchong, Selangor. I did not know better about her but I can describe ‘Iza’ from her attitude with her friends. She likes to give a hand to all her friends when her friends not in the good condition. Others, she is really kind-hearted and noble person.
She is comes from Kajang, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Her name is Nadiah Asyiqin binti Abdul Aziz and her nickname is ‘Nad’. In her profile she admitted that not have any failed arguments before attempt to do it well. This shown that she is really committed in her works. She is the best partner with Iza. Everyday, when coming to class, she is always with Iza and Amirah. Tolerant attitudes that present by her make her friends well-being with her. That is a little bit things that I observe about Nad.
Now, I want to tell readers about this person.Friends of Iza and Nad. They are very close. She is the person with spectacles that comes from Johor Bahru. As to inspire herself, she said that, yesterday is the motivation to her to move forward; today is the creation and tomorrow is the truth. She is also soft spoken person. When she stand in front and delivered her speech, she can attract people to focus on her because her talks are really lenient. That is how good she is.
This person is come from Muar, Johor. She is Nur Hafiza binti Rohayazat or well-known as ‘Fiza. She looks very humble and polite. From what I know, she really likes to collects watch so do me. That is the most exciting hobby. As her inspiration words which she’s said that yesterday is our past, let by gone be by gone then tomorrow is our upcoming, but if we unsuccessful to plan means we are organise to failed. Her ambition is want to be an entrepreneur. Besides, in the class, she is the quietest person. When we talk or ask some questions, at that time too we can hear her spoke but if we not try to talk with her, we do not recognize better about her. So, to know her profile totally, make a talk with Fiza. Then, she talks with you.
 Among my classmates, he is the tallest. With her humble and kind-hearted attitude, I can describe that he is really goods in what ever he do. My friends and I called her ‘Ipin’. Now, he is really demanding with his top-up. Just ignore with his top up. Now, I want to tell a little about him from what I realize. He is not easily to give up in what ever condition. His hobby is he like to play badminton. But, her business must keep going on. Besides, he is also talkative person because he can make others confident with his talk.
‘Shah’, my classmates who is lives at Muar, Johor. His attitudes make me feel suspicious with him. This is because he does not appear frequently in our tutorial and mass lectures also. I do not know why. Where he is going at that time?  This is not my problem to interrupt his willingness but I hope he can be better next time. As for your information, although he is not presence in the class, he can accomplish his study well. When he in the class, he can give attention on the subject because he realize that learning is the must things to success. That is all about Shah Amirull. 
He is my classmates that have a very unique name. Everybody called him ‘Aboy’. His hobby is like to play online gaming. So do me. Nazerul is not talk to much. Maybe he saves her words to talk something more important. That is my opinion from what I see because I do not actually distinguish further about him. Therefore, his ambition is give helps to his mother as fast as possible and successful in life is his greatest dream. I hope he can create his dream truly happens.
Meor lives at Segamat, Johor specifically at Taman Yayasan. Besides that, he is also has a girlfriend. I do not know her name. But, as for your information, I even met them at One Segamat, which is waiting to watch a movie. So sweet they are. I hope if Meor read this statement about him and his girlfriend, he will ignore.  Just a few only. This is because I do not know much about him. I just really know that he is my classmates from semester one until this semester. But, I know just one moment about him, in the class he also can make others sniggering with his words. Sometimes he can create a very good gag. That is all about Meor.
He is the student that have an extraordinary ability which is he can talk without any suspicious, he can make the other friend feel think deep about him. Also my lecturer that teaches me will respect to what he has done. How wonderful he is. Everyone also has its special ability but some of them did not perform his or her best ability. But Faris do it well. The best moment that he created in our class when his gossip with my classmates too who is Syazana. Everybody keep talk about her and Faris. This make others feel excited to make them being together one day. Hope dreams come true Faris .
‘Towkey’ as his nickname. I do not know the story from his unique nickname. I just heard it from his friend frequently call him as Towkey. Besides, his full name is Amirul Zulhilmi bin Idrus. Then, Pulau Pinang is the place he comes from specifically he live at Bukit Mertajam. His dreams or ambition is want to open a kindergarten or nursery for children. This is shown that he is very like to kid. Furthermore, be a good person like Rasulullah S.A.W can encourage and teach him to be a very good person for everyone and himself.
His name is Muhammad Muttaqin bin Ahamad Sukari. He is come from Kelantan. With his spectacles, he looks very nerd and honest person. From what I see from his attitude, he is not easily given up to pick up the knowledge in many way. Furthermore he do not scare and suspicious to ask lecturer or his friend about something that he does not understand very well. From my view, he is not easily give up. Other than that, he can manage himself properly in order to get a better result and be the among the best. Hope you can get what you desire for.
He is very cool and always be sporting in my class. He can make others feel happy with his joke. Azri also like talk about motorcycle. Maybe his motorcycle is the best one. I think he know very well about any kind of motorcycle because everyone is good at something. Besides that, he also likes to make others keep laughing to his talk and sometimes he can make others keep thinking about his jokes. Other than that, without his parents, he can also achieve his success same with others. Hope you dreams come true.
He is very gentlemen and he is very hardworking student. That is why he can grab his dean list easily. Besides, he also can handle all his work in one time. From what I know about him, he is the one student who involved in the Nasyids society. Every new semester, he will busy with many invitation from many club. But, that is not his very big problem to handle his study very well. Hope you can be the best among the best.
That is all about my friends, thank you for reading :) 

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Childhood memories of Ramadan
Fire crackers, lantern, bombs or fire shots usually and frequently be the hottest issues when Ramadan is appear. This month also make me remember all my childhood moments in the past Ramadan. There were many memories that make me teasing unaccompanied when remember it again. For my readers information, when Ramadan coming, I very lazy to fast because it was the very boring moment to waiting for break fast. This is happen in my childhood memories. The first moment that advise me no to do it again, which is happen when I arriving home from school specifically my primary school. After I reach home, I always noticed myself to go to the refrigerator and took a glass of cooled water inside the refrigerator. Furthermore, on that hot and steamy sunny afternoon, I began to feel suffering of the fast. The emptiness of my tummy, dryness of my tongue and lips, the lazy feeling of having no energy after the school make me feel very thirsty. Gulp. The droplets of condensed water on the bottle looked so huge make me disremember about the fasting. Without my mother realise, in a short time, as fast as possible, without any suspicious, I drink the water that I placed it in my choice glassJ. In the same time, I was afraid to tell my mother that I could not complete my first day. I still remember that at 5 o’clock, with no confused and afraid, I go to met my mother that busy preparing our family fast break. Then, I tell my mother that I not fasting anymore and my mother just smiledJ and congratulated me for having fasted nine hours on my first day of my very first Ramadan.
When Ramadan is coming, the first thing that played in my mind is colourful candle and lantern. A day before the start of Ramadan, my father would take me by the hand and walk me over to shop, at the shop at small corner stand with many lanterns with every shape and size of beautiful Ramadan lantern, which make me very excited to play and have it. Inside the lantern, I find the candle holder in the base and with my request to have it, my father agreed to buy the lantern with a box of coloured candles for me.
Every night after prayer, as fast as possible, I will light a candle and place it inside the lantern, and hang up the lantern in front of my house. Other neighbourhood also place their lantern in front of their house. That is my sweet moment that I have it until now. This is because I do it every Ramadan season. Then, after Iftar time, just a minute or two before the Iftaar, after I finished hang up my lantern, I can see many children would play with their firecracker bombs or fire shots in the air with their toy guns. This situation makes many neighbourhoods feel dissatisfied but its does not affect any sense to them because it is usually happen when the Ramadan is coming. That is all about my childhood memories of Ramadan. Hopes my readers enjoyed with my experience. Thank you.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Subjects this semester

Hi, today I want to introduce about my subject that I must to work more in this third semester and it is the most important to graduate on time. First of all, in this semester, I must study seven subjects that is purpose of English language, macro economics, fundamentals of Islamic economic, introduction to statistics, business communication, transport and presence to co-curriculum subject successfully. The co-curriculum that I must be attending is brass band.

Secondly, in this semester, the English for Academic purpose subject is the necessity thing that I have to study because it is the subject which is appropriate supports me to be confidently speaking in an accurate grammar and pronounce also. This subject similarly fulfils my limited wants to know more about our International language. Besides, all people need to know about it because it is really relevant subject that we must learn. Furthermore, all people really support each other to know very well about this language. As for your information, the person that teaches me to be more impressed in this subject is Mrs. Izuan. He is the person who has an egg head. With his spectacles, he looks very serious, sometimes not. He had given me the explanation about this subject on how to get full mark of on-going assessment. To get the 60 per cent of on going assessment, I must do a very good job to finish my term paper and submit to him that provide me an opportunity target 30 per cent. Thus, other 30 per cent stands on my quizzes and tests. For other 40 per cent, it is stand on my final examination.

Thirdly, my second subject that required me to be an elbow grease person is macro economics. This is because macro economics subject is not just a piece of cake but it is like prevent from being in the war. For me, this subject is the killer subject that I must be more hardworking and make an extra job to get an A on a test. But, by oneself, I can handle it with my opportunity to be more aggressive and make a revision repeatedly until I understand the learning objects. Hope for the best and good luck. Then, the lecturer that help me or In  other words, teach me to get a good result for this subject is Puan Diana binti Mazan who is really talkative person and kind-hearted. She is really like to give someone a hand when there is the help needed and she is not easily become out of control. My impression for this subject, it is really relevant because it is about our world issues such as about our government, tax subsidies and so on.

Next is business communication. This subject is really famous subject that everyone should learn and apply it in many situations such as attend to mock-interview, apply for an International job and also the job outside our country. For this subject, I prefer to get an A and try my best to finish my assessment tat given to me from my lecturer, who is Miss Fazlin Natasya binti Abdul Halim. The assessment that I must to be prepared is about public speaking. As we all know, public speaking is the famous phenomenon among International students. That is why they are really good in English language. Besides that, I try to solve my problem that sometimes while I speaking, I always be confused and mistaken about something when I am in front and apply my speaking test.

Then, the next subject that required me to sit in the final examination is introduction to statistics. The lecturer that teaches me this subject is Puan Norani binti Amit who is really soft spoken and kind-hearted person. She is really patience to answer her students misunderstanding about this subject. Furthermore, her explanation really gives me an impression to understand her talks. She told us that this subject only needs five per cent for assignments and 30 per cent for test one and test two. She also advices her students to grab the other 60 per cent in their final examination this September. 

This semester, I also have to learn about Fundamental of Islamic Economic. This subject provides me to be a good and successful muslimah. For your information, Siti Aishah binti Sokhibul Fadil is my lecturer of this subject. She is very talkative person and her explanation is very interesting and makes me feel like I want to know more about her profile. Besides, she is very kind person that I even meet. She said that this subject is very easy to score and she advises that her student must find other resources to build more confident about this subject. This is because Islamic needs more important guide and a high lever of contents especially proves to some confusion. This subject only required one test which is on 14th of August 2013 after the Ramadan season. To get a better result of on-going assessment, I should make and interesting and an egghead presentation for this subject. I hope this subject can help to improve my attitude and be a better muslimah.

Last but not list, my co-curriculum is only one credit hour in this semester. My choose co-curriculum from semester one until this semester is brass band. This co- curriculum not required any assessment because brass band is fully of outdoor activity as the assessment. Besides, my lecturer that is really joyful and intelligent person about music that I called him as Encik Hamid. Furthermore, he is really cheerful and honest and also likes to smile. For brass band subject, the final examination is required for those who involve in this co-curriculum. Then, for the test is only scaling the music’s equipment and play one or two chosen songs. This subject gives me a lot of new knowledge that only a little people can have it.

As a conclusion, I hope I can handle all my subjects with a noble time management and I can be more responsible to get a superior result in this semester. Since I was in kindergarten, I really want to make a big appreciate to my parents in what ever I do. This is because when there is a will, there is a way. That is all about my subject in this semester with happy greetings to all my readers. Thank you. Hope all of you enjoy with my essays and get a lot of different profile about me. Bye:). See you next time with more updated news about me in this semester.