Tuesday, 24 September 2013


          Peace be upon you. Aloha!! Whassup my reader?? Hope all of you in the pink of healthJ. Today is the end of my essay. A very best feel because the war have been meet the end. Congrats!.. The tittle is the review of subject in this semester .
            In this semester, the entire subject that I take just a snap if I have the hardworking attitude to make it as easy as a pie. Seven subject that I must work hard for. The subject has been told by me in my first entry which is the tittle is subject in this semester. So, this essay is review about the entire subject that has been explaining.
              First of all, my review about the English for academic purposes, teach by Mr.Izuan bin Ismail. He is so punctual in his teaching and his explanations are very smooth and clear. From that, I am able to understand it easily without any questionnaire that been playing in my mind. Now, I already understand fully how to make the term paper especially the guide to make the paraphrases that make me a little bit difficult to finish it successfully without any correction. But, with the difficulty, I learn that the success is not easily to achieve if no hard wok out from our self. So, to make it as simple as a piece of cake, I will appreciate all the words that have been told from my lecturer and I will take his words as my guide to be the best among the best in my final examination. Sir, thank you so much!!!
                Then, we move to my next subject which is principles and practices in transport. This subject is really relevant. This is because it is related with my course. The lecturer that teach me for this subject is Sir Ramzi bin Mohd Nor. Honestly, I can describe him as a very knowledgeable person because he know all about the transport issues and his intelligent make me more interest to know about this subject further. From my view, this subject is easily understood. This is because it is learning about our necessary that happen in our world nowadays. For example, necessary to have own car and its effect. Thus, I also enjoyed learn this subject with my lecturer. To appreciate it, I will work hard to make an A on a final. InsyaAllah, A in this subject will be mine.
                Next, Fundamental of Islamic economic. The lecturer that has been teaching me for this subject in this semester is Siti Aishah binti Sokhibul Fadil. She is very good in her teaching and performance. She can make others interested to learn this subject. This is because she can explain further about the misunderstanding very clear. From that, I am able to understand every words that out from her intelligent mouth. This subject also answers my entire question about the Islamic economic that involves the property distribution. I hope in this semester, the result of my fundamental of Islamic will be the same as in the past semester.
                For macroeconomics, the review of this subject makes me very excited to tell about it. This subject is hard to understand, but when someone has achieves the understanding of this subject, it can make you really enjoyed to learn more about it. So do I. Pn. Diana’ binti Mazan, the lecturer for my macroeconomics subject. She is very good in her performance. I realize that this subject is focus more on the government sector. I can conclude that this subject is quiet interesting because all its content most of it about money. As we all know, when the words money is been quote, all people feel greedy and really want to have it more and more. That is why this subject make me interest to know more about it. This is because, I have felt the same. Hehe. Feel good.
                For my next subject is business communication. Oh, I feel I am lost about this subject. I know only a little bit about it. But, with my feeling to know more about it and to past this subject in my final examination, I make the self-study. Now, I have understood it successfully and enjoyed to understand it clearly. Miss Fazlin Natasya binti Abdul Halim is my lecturer for this subject. In this subject, I have been told about how to set up a meeting and the preparation for job interview. This has been done by me successfully in this semester. I hope from the learning, I can apply it to have a good job for my future. Thus, for my final, I will drop of all the knowledge that I get from this subject to make it an ace. Good luck! Cheers!
                Then, I want to talk about the Introduction of Statistic subject. This subject required many exercise and revision to make it friendly with you. This is because, this subject can be the best killer to those who do not have any hard work in itself. I have been experience it very well. Thus, I can handle this subject without any stress and tension to understand it. This is because, most of the chapter in this subject, I can understand it easily. But, the calculation mistake is very close to me. As we all know, all people not perfect. In their life, the mistake cannot be prevented by anyone. It must be make at least once. So do I. To prevent it, I must be careful when press the number on the calculator. For my advice to myself, do not easily give up because all things are difficult before they are easy and keep maintain in your performance. I hope with my knowledge and the advice that I get from Puan Norani binti Amit who is my lecturer for this subject, I can make it much better.
                Lastly, the co-curriculum subject that I must be attends for to fulfil my credit hours in this semester. The co-curriculum that I choose from my first semester until this semester is Brass band. This subject is really different from other subject because the learning and teaching required many types of instruments. Now, I have success to learn many songs from my lecturer who is Sir Hamid. He is also talented in the music field. I have experience many difficulty to learn about music. The section that I preferred for is wood wing. My instrument is clarinet. This instruments required many exercise to be good when played it. So, now I know how to play it. I have been in the event and perform very well in front of all my audience. I am very proud of it and thanks for my clarinet because accepted me to be interest with it and also for my lecturer for make me one of your follower in this field.
That is all about the review of subject in this semester. Believe it or not, I have been finished my entire essay in this semester. Feel very good!! J . Bye. See you next semester. Thank you for be my readers.

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